Welcome to lucky mothers of boys.

This site is dedicated to supporting our sons and everything that is positive, fantastic, fun and frantic about being a mother of boys.

Boys should be allowed to be boys…absolutely!

But, I really would like to change some perceptions about mothers of boys. I am not run ragged (all the time!). Boys do love cuddles, can sit still at the table, can be polite, can have close relationships with their mothers long into adulthood. And being a mother in law can be wonderful, gaining a special daughter in law and developing a new close relationship.

Don’t dwell on the often discussed negative stories, there are just as many positive ones if not more, and I hope this site will prove it.

So please help…! Please use this site, post your positive stories, ‘like’ it, spread the word and let’s prove that it is indeed very lucky to be a mother of boys!

Thanks and enjoy!

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5 thoughts on “Home

  1. Cat

    To all you lucky mums who, like me, have been truly blessed with boys! There are times when the noise and the sight of bits of lego lying on the floor bring me close to the edge, but our house is full of fun and I wouldn’t change my young men for the world. I am so proud to be the mother of 4 boys!

  2. Karen Robertson

    What a fantastic website celebrating the absolute joy of being blessed with a son! Boys can be little tearaways but are so loving in every way. I am so fortunate to have my own wee adorable terror and also have six wonderful nephews. Nothing beats the sound of hearing them all lark about and their laughter is truly infectious!

    1. Lucky Mother

      Thanks for posting….lots of noise and laughter is never far away when boys are concerned! X

  3. Sarah pearson

    Four fabulous boys here (and one fabulous girl) a house over run by Lego, it’s never quiet, it’s often crazy but I wouldn’t change it for the world!


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